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Here is the first album of DAG JACK, available on CD and K7. Please enjoy the sound:

  Title Extract CD    
1- FREE YOUR MIND 1:42 4:31 Version "normal" (1.540 Mb) Version "low-quality" (0.410 Mb)
2- OYA 0:58 4:01 Version "normal" (1.043 Mb) Version "low-quality"(0.238 Mb)
3- TAM-TAM 0:55 2:56 Version "normal" (0.843 Mb) Version "low-quality" (0.227 Mb)
4- REGARDE L'ENFANT 0:50 3:32 Version "normal" (0.227 Mb) Version "low-quality" (0.211Mb)


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1- Bénin:

Cotonou: Radio Tokpa, radio CAPP Fm, Canal Tropical, Chez Ganiou, marché Ganhi, Mme Yolande au CCF,Gef Disco.

Bohicon: Radio carrefour, Tout pour la Courure

Comé: Monostar, Retro musique

Lokossa: Les Échos du Mono

Dogbo: Les Échos du Mono

Zoungbonou: Assurance cassette


M'bolo Musique, Discorama Production